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How do you achieve remarkable results in the first few months of working together?

The answer is expectedly – very difficult, but not impossible!

There was no properly set up tracking, trained pixel,
and a sufficient amount of sales in the main advertising channels to act as a data staircase to expedite the process. We began by formulating a comprehensive marketing strategy based on a thorough analysis of the business,
its status and competitors in the market, which focused our attention on paid advertising on Google and Facebook. At this point, the business needed cash flow and in the fastest and most efficient way.

1. Start of Project Project

1. Start of Project

The client contacted us at a difficult time for
his business. Sales for this fully online store were not sufficient to make the profit necessary for its existence, and we didn’t have a solid base from which to quickly scale digital development.

2. Main Objective:

The main goal in the first few months was to generate the maximum number of orders. Already in the second month we reported a growth of more than 400% compared to the turnover for the same period last year, with the best performing ad for the client being Google - Search Engine.

3. Channel selection:

Based on an analysis of the client's target persona and the need for working capital - we focused our attention on Facebook - direct sales ads, remarketing + traffic combo and Google Search, which already at the beginning of the second month of our joint activity) gave a positive result and exceeded our goal.

4. Advertising Strategy:

We started by focusing the advertising budget on the client's most successful products, gradually expanding the formats used and focusing on the full product portfolio.

5. Results

Significant growth in online sales and average monthly ROAS over 5 with a customer target of 4. Establishing our client as one of the leading tactical gear brands in Bulgaria.


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Feedback from our partners:

Feedback from our partners:

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