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How did we successfully scale E-Commerce sales in record time"?

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1. Challenges

Until this point, the brand had never advertised on Facebook and Instagram. We lacked data and a base to build on and started by developing a comprehensive digital presence strategy on the platform from 0.

2. Main Objective:

Generate the maximum number of sales with ROAS above 2 and maximize the return on investment in the platform.

3. Secondary Objective:

Activating the existing audience on the client's Instagram account and Facebook page and expanding it through Engagement and Brand Awareness.

4. Choice of Channels

Through valuable Insight submitted by the client for his buyer persona, we turned our attention to Instagram first and gradually increased the budget and share of sales on Facebook successfully as well.

5. Advertising Strategy

In the absence of data and information about what works and what doesn't for this particular client - we began a process of elimination based on the scientific approach. We tested dozens of creatives, different hoof styles and lengths, all relevant formats - carrousel, catalog, single image, video and explicitly stuck to the branding already built

6. Result

In less than 3 months we established a successful model - a combination of creative, copy, placement and secondary advertising elements that exceeded the goal set by our client many times over and successfully s caled the budget for advertising activities on the $$$ platform - $$$$

7. Conclusion

We exceeded the client's marketing and business objectives for the period. - We developed a successful advertising strategy and marketed the brand as one of the leading brands with the strongest presence and benefits from the platform. - We took extreme care and once again demonstrated our high level of professionalism and integrity, fitting in exceptional deadlines for the production and setup of all the required advertising materials.


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Feedback from our partners:

Feedback from our partners:

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